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ATP Basel, Switzerland Men Double
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ATP Challenger Brest, France Men Double
ATP Challenger Traralgon, Australia Men Double
ATP Challenger Lima, Peru Men Singles
ATP Challenger Brest, France Men Singles
ATP Challenger Liuzhou, China Men Double
ATP Challenger Lima, Peru Men Double
ITF Nigeria F5, Men Singles
ITF Qatar F4, Men Singles
ITF Nigeria 02A, Women Singles
ITF China 24A, Women Singles
ITF Australia 13A, Women Singles
ITF Norway 02A, Women Doubles
ITF Turkey 29A, Women Singles
ITF Sweden 04A, Women Singles
ITF Norway 02A, Women Singles
ITF Hungary 05A, Women Singles
ITF Turkey 27A, Women Singles
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The House Rules 

  1. Minimum age requirement for gambling is 18 and above.
  2. Customers have a window of 7 days to report disputed games.
  3. Registration is a requirement for you to play on our website.Please ensure you provide accurate information.
  4. Customers can not act as agents of the company to the public.Agent registration is done differently and requires the payment of agency fee after verification by the company. Customer accounts can only be used for private bet placements .
  5. For purposes of deciding winners, only the results published from official league associations will be recognized.
  6. Abandoned matches: When a selection is made void as a result of abandoned matches, the stake will be returned. However, bets in markets that have already been resolved at time of abandonment, such as half time scores, first scorer etc. will stand.
  7. Minimum stake amount is N100 Naira and  Maximum winnings shall be N500,000 per bet slip/ per individual per day for in-shop betting. Any attempts to circumvent this limitation by fraudulent repetition of such bets/games shall be dishonored up to the tune of N500,000.00
  8. In the event that there is replication and repetition of bet slips/games fraudulently or otherwise, both in-shop and online and it is detected by our fraud detection system, and such bets are won, we shall dishonor such bets to a maximum limit of N500,000.00 and such customer or agent shall be suspended from using our services if such bets are found to have been fraudulently placed.
  9. Minimum stake amount online is N100 and Maximum winnings shall be N1,000,000 for online betting.
  10. Payout shall be done once weekly for all online "payouts" except under special circumstances.
  11. Withdrawals take a maximum of 24-48 hours to be completed all things being equal. This may change under special circumstances.
  12. For deposits of N50,000 and above,  bettors are obligated to place bets up to ten (10) times before they can withdraw initial deposit. They may however withdraw the difference between won amount and their initial deposits at any time.  
  13. The maximum amount that can be withdrawn at a time is Five Hundred Thousand Naira. Please note that the name you registered with on LovingBET must correspond with the name of the bank account you are withdrawing into. Lastly in an effort to give our esteemed customers daily access to their funds, we offer free daily pay outs i.e  winnings can be withdrawn once daily at no extra cost. Also, you cannot deposit funds into your LovingBET account and decide to withdraw it. We implore punters to place bets with their deposits and withdraw from the winnings i.e you cannot withdraw any amount of money you have not won. Any withdrawal made under such circumstance will be reversed back to the LovingBET account.
  14. Bets are accepted until the kick-off time is advertised. If a bet is accepted for a match after its kick-off time, the bet will be considered to be void. The exclusion of this rule should be made for "live betting", when one makes bets after the match starts is possible. Live events bets are considered to be valid if they were made before the end of the match. All bets placed are final. Customers cannot cancel their stakes after submitting their bets
  15. Where a match is suspended after the start and the remaining minutes are played at a later time or on another day within the football week (Monday to Monday), settlement will be based on the result at full time once the remaining minutes have been completed, otherwise bets will be void.
  16. In the event of change of opponent from the one advertised, all bets for that match are void.
  17. Matches that have extra time of 15 minutes each way will be decided on score line at the end of 90 minutes or any extra time before final whistle.
  18. Each customer is only allowed to have one account.If we discover otherwise,such account(s) will be closed without notice.

You must inform us as soon as you become aware of any errors with respect to Your Account or any calculations with respect to any bet or wager you have placed or any currency conversion. In the event of such error or any system failure or game error (a divergence from the normal functioning of the game logic for whatever reason) that results in an error in any odds calculation, charges, fees, rake, bonuses or payout, or any currency conversion as applicable, ('Error') We will seek to  place all parties directly affected by such Error in the position they were in before the Error occurred. We reserve the right to declare null and void any wagers or bets that were the subject of such Error and to take any money from Your Account relating to the relevant bets or wagers, if there are insufficient funds in Your Account, We may demand that You pay Us the relevant outstanding amount relating to these bets or wagers. In all circumstances whereby we (in our sole discretion) determine an Error has been used to gain an unfair advantage, we reserve the right to consider this activity to be a fraudulent act subject to Forfeiture & Account Closure.
  We reserve the right to make changes to these house rules as the markets may dictate without recourse to either agents or online bettors.
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